Transforming Economies & Lives with cutting-edge Digital  Eco-systems

Alongside our UberFi CBDC turnkey solution, the TAN Agent system and Bitminutes which have been in operations for five years solve the last mile problem for exchanging a Digital Version of a nation’s fiat currency into cash if needed.   

UberFi’s Turnkey retail ecosystem solves the substantial consumer issue every new payment platform encounters: adoption. To reduce consumer adoption costs, UberFi provides a free mobile wallet to every consumer and retailer, facilitating rapid retail payment adoption on a national scale.

A Central Bank can issue UberFi’s stablecoins as CBDC which are instantly redeemable at Point-of-Sale (POS) for the purchase of goods and services, as well as convertible in real-time to prepaid phone minutes via BitMinutes to over 4 billion phones worldwide. UberFi’s asset-backed utility token provides instant use and credibility to every consumer in the country.

UberFi’s unique Hybrid DLT architecture also provides Central Bank customization to find the right mix of private issuance control and public disclosure of consumer usage. We can twist the dial as much as you want. The CBDC provides a comprehensive solution for national banks without the need to use the blockchain and is the widely-acknowledged solution for frictionless interoperable cross-border settlements. 

The Trusted Agent Network solves the “Last-Mile” problem of converting stablecoins into fiat cash through its cloud-based Progressive Web App (PWA).

The TAN app “Turns the local retailer into the local banker” where consumers may deposit cash, collect cash from their wallet, and/or receive a micro-loan.

The corner retailer is economically-incentivized to participate in the UberFi ecosystem as they earn financial service fees and benefit from increased retail traffic.

UberFi’s retailer affiliate marketing program encourages recruitment of new retail merchants and by virtue of its design enables the less digitally literate demographic to easily learn very quickly how to use the application on their phones.